"if i had a car, i would hit him with it."


opening act (max frost, from austin) kind of adorable. also decent.


unimpressed line selfie @ house of blues

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dance fucker dance; not like actual dance genre music, but just 19 fun, energetic songs to dance around to when no one is watching


you’re gonna go far kid - the offspring / the run and go - twenty one pilots / hate everyone - say anything / come with me now - kongos / dirty little secret - the all-american rejects / fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys / henrietta - the fratellis / teenagers - my chemical romance / queen of hearts - we the kings / the middle - jimmy eat world / nicotine - panic! at the disco / mr brightside - the killers / goodbye copenhagen - new politics / chelsea dagger - the fratellis / girls - the 1975 / just one yesterday - fall out boy / memories - panic! at the disco / black widow - iggy azalea ft. rita ora / lost generation - rizzle kicks

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Something a little weird about Monday.

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three year anniversary. first one we’ve gotten to spend together. happy bats.


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"Claiming there is no other life in the universe is like scooping up some water, looking at the cup and claiming there are no whales in the ocean."

- Neil deGrasse Tyson in response to “Aliens can’t exist because we haven’t found them yet” (via we-are-star-stuff)

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"Gray hairs grow where ghosts kiss hello."

Evil Supply Co. is an advocate for villains, scientists (typically mad), ghosts, and other eldritch creatures. A significant portion of our job is researching the unnatural world, then publishing our findings.

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